Range Use

HHSA has ranges appropriate for competition shooters, hunters/scoped rifle shooters, and pistol shooters.

Competition Shooter

Access to the ranges. One of the biggest problems for a shooter is finding the time to shoot. When you do find the time to shoot, you hope the range is not crowded. At HHSA, we schedule private range time only. This allows you to practice stages or work on the basics when it works with your schedule. Whatever your shooting needs are, we will do our best to accommodate. Additionally, we can set up stages of fire, provide Pro-timers, and all set-up and tear-down is covered in your range fee.

HHSA is a place to train consistently and on your time frame. Contact us and we will set it up.

long gun shooting

Hunter / Scoped rifle

    • Range to confirm zero. New bullets no problem.
    • Place to confirm data – on the KD Range.
    • Custom range cards from a Ballistics computer (Kestrel).
    • Practice shooting in the wind.
    • Practice shooting in unstable positions.

Pistol 101

  • Firearms Safety
  • Pistol Nomenclature
  • Fundamental of Marksmanship
  • Pistol Presentation
  • Live Fire Drills

shooting range